WW II Medal Display Case


Inherited these medals when my grandfather passed a few years ago. Instead of them just sitting in a drawer, I decided my new laser would be able to make something up nice.


Very nice. I bet he’d have loved that if he had been able to see it.


Wow! This is just gorgeous. What a wonderful tribute to your grandfather and to his service.


I love it! I am currently working on a conventional shadow box for my brother in law but after seeing this I might have to start mine all over. Great job.


Just… wow! This community…


Amazing work.


No idea if you got the story on those medals before they were passed on.
Just in case, the list below is what they are (left to right).

Distinguished Flying Cross - Air Medal Miniature - World War II Victory
American Campaign - Asiatic Campaign - Philippine Liberation


Absolutely beautiful and such nice way to display them and preserve/protect them for the future generations to see! I love this GF Community!


It would be a nice add to engrave the medal names on the acrylic top.


Did a bit of research during the design process and learned about each one. Wanted to make sure the medals and ribbons were displayed in there proper hierarchy. Thought about labeling them and decided against it. Still have another panel to do as well with personal artifacts, photo, dog tags, etc.


Wow, that is beautiful. If I could make one suggestion, it would be to put a legend on the back so relatives would know what the medals are. :grinning:


Excellent display! They look perfect. :grinning:


Exceptional. :+1::medal_sports:


This is lovely. I bet there are a lot of people who would love to have something similar…


How did you get the outline to fit so perfectly?


Great work! Thank you to your grandfather for his service.


This is honestly one of the most attractive items I’ve seen somebody forge.
Can you tell me about the screws you used?


Appear to be chicago screws.
Lots of metal flavors and sizes.

Work great if have something that has to swivel, but I have used on some signs (as he did) when I was nervous about the outer frame becoming loose or was hard to glue.


They are also known as binding posts or screw and post. You can find them at homedepot in aluminum in various sizes.


Is THAT what these things are called?!?! I looked fricking everywhere for these! Guess it helps when you call something the right thing!

Thanks guys!