X Axis Shift?

Running into an issue where my engraved pieces are:

a) drifting to the right .1 - .15 every time I do the same work in the same location, without change set focus etc.

b) the design will scatter itself from left to right smearing the work and rendering it not usable

c) the camera calibration will run and say: "Not completed the process was interrupted, so no changes were made to you calibration.”
(maybe X-Axis Stepper Motor? but how)

d) the laser head resting place slowly creeps more to the right of where it should be, maybe why the design is also creeping to the right

e) One thing I have accidentally done and made sure to correct is not using properly flat material when running the camera calibration print, I have noticed it saying the the “Calibration has been interrupted” which hints to physical nudges etc. but unsure what else may cause this.

I have taken off the carriage plate and replaced it with a new air assist fan and carriage plate that I had been sent for a previous machine that ended up malfunctioning from something else and was sent back, as a result, this is my 3rd machine…
(needing something realize and this has just been a headache, orders getting pushed back again)

Since I replaced the carriage plate/air assist fan, I had thought it may correct the issue.

I am 99% certain this is an X axis only issue.

Attached you will find pictures of the “Gift of Good Measure” file as well as a custom piece I was working on. (height is not the issue as the materials are flat and short enough)
As we all know, the “GOGM” file in itself will not have any issues as it has been perfected and is a tried method to mitigate file errors.
In these pictures and examples I have printed the “GOGM” Horizontally as well as Vertically to confirm that it is indeed the X Axis.

Up until most recently, whenever I have done cleaning etc. , I have removed the carriage plate and air assist fan as you would a bicycle chain, not disrupting the right pulley wheel at all. (I noticed this trouble prior to loosening the wheel)
Only until the last time or so have I used an Allen key and actually loosened the wheel and worked to have the best tension in the cable as possible when retightening, watching the step-by-step tutorial.

Other things to note as to mitigate other possible problems; I use an air compressor and rubbing alcohol to clean, I have applied a single layer of packaging tape on all of the exposed white parts, as to red
uce the mess, making sure none of the tape gets in the way of any moving parts etc.

Would love any and all help and truly appreciate the forums help!


There’s a wheel on the bottom of the gantry over on the right side that the X-axis belt runs over. Is the wheel flush up against the gantry, or is there a gap?

I believe the right gantry wheel that is repositionable with the Allen key has been pushed all the way to the right as far as possible and then tightened.

With the left motor wheel that is on the X axis, when the machine is turned off and you manually turn it, do you feel a bit of a tick?

That last picture suggests to me the head was bumped.
I have had a single instance of that where the head touched the far right side very close to the front. The result looked just like your picture where the whole rest of the engrave was perfect.
The head touching something and throwing the calibration off is the only thing I can think of that would do that.

In my case I have avoided the extreme front right and have never had another instance of it.

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so… would you all believe me if I said that the main issue was the right X-Axis Wheel that @geek2nurse pointed out?
I knew it was something X-Axis oriented, I had a feeling it was simple, but was not sure how simple it could have been…
I loosened the x-axis right wheel with the Allen key, pulled it far right as possible and tightened with the cable on.

I then was curious about the tension if I removed the cable.
I moved the x-axis wheel further right then was previously allotted, which resulted in a tighter cable which was reassembled using a bicycle chain method.

Thank you all for the ‘simple’, but HUGELY effective methods and solutions!


I’m so glad to see that, between the advice you received here as well as via email, you were able to get back up and running. I’m going to close this thread and follow up with you on the support ticket you opened via email just to double-check that things are still going well.