X-supports for passthrough

I have been using rolls of painter’s tape to support material that hangs outside the machine when doing passthrough prints, but finally made these instead. This is the same design as the X-Risers posted by @geek2nurse, but are 2.375" high and 5" wide. Super simple, but it’ll save time measuring and drawing them up. I printed 6 sets on Medium (1/8") Draftboard) for 60" board, which gave good support for a 20" width.

pair (shares a cutline):
passthrough risers

single (to squeeze in on scrap):
passthrough risers_single


nice work! I could really use something like this. Thanks for sharing!

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I use my passthrough every day and just hold the material…how do I use these??

They are intended to support the weight of rigid material to help keep it flat inside the GF.

Use them in pairs by inserting one into another to make an X. Then place under the material that extends on either side of the passthrough. When the material is uncut and entering the machine, they can go anywhere that provides good support. On the other side, you will need to move them to the best area to support your material once it’s cut (choose uncut areas, most likely in the middle of the material.

If you only have small amounts of material that sits outside the GF—or are using something that can be held down with magnets—and the weight of the material outside of the machine won’t cause the material in the machine to bow, you may not need them. I’m cutting boards that are 48–60" long, so holding the material isn’t really an option. I’m using six pairs, so I have three Xs to support each side.

Hope they help!


Very helpful! Thank you for sharing.

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I was excited to see this post. Thank you. A very handy tool indeed. I was using paint jars…lol