This is a super simple design, but I figured I’d share and maybe save someone else the 20 min it took to figure out measurements and design them. :wink:

These are risers (cut from 1/8" stock) that take up pretty minimal space when not in use. They’re sized for a crumb tray depth of 1.367"; one set for materials between 0.5" and 1.0" thick, and the other for materials between 1" and 1.5".

The itty bitty gray spot right here is the SVG file —> Risers

Here’s what they look like:

Help on making a table sign base?

Looking for the grey spot/SVG file is a great game. Unfortunately I didn’t win! Is it there for anyone else?

Great idea and thank you for sharing will save me from unsuccessfully stacking shims.


It’s what looks like a quote mark right after the arrow.


Yay, I finally won! Thank you @wesleyjames totally missed it and apologies to @geek2nurse I should really read the discourse manual!


Here’s a bigger version of the svg:


When you upload a file, discourse puts in markings that look something like ![Risers|20x12](upload://yadayadayada.svg). If you change that 20x12 to something bigger, like 800x480 then the image will take up more visual space.


Aha, good to know, thank you!


Risers look great, thanks for sharing them! :smiley:


Thank you for the file!


Great and simple. Thanks.


Thanks so much, these are terrific!


What great idea. Thanks so much for sharing!


Hey, cool! I like these, will definitely be printing. Here’s a thank-you svg in return -->

I like this game! :grin:


Great idea. Thanks.

I think I’ll make them out of cardboard so they’re even more disposable. The draft material would be if I wanted a more permanent solution.


Thanks so much…I appreciate the share and the end product!


yep. I always just add a 0 on the end of each measurement. Easier than doing the math to make it some other factor bigger :slight_smile:

(My 3rd grade teacher would freak at that statement :wink: )


Goof. <3


i am late to the party here can someone give me a clue how to get the file to open the SVg not getting anything to open


Right click on the SVG file and choose Save As to download it to your desktop. (It’s the tiny gray dot in the first post, or the larger version in @markwal’s post.)


thank you must have been too tired last evening


Yep! Been there,etc. etc. :smile: