X Wing TMG Game tokens

Game tokens for the X Wing Miniature game.

All are proofgrade acrylic with white matte acrylic paint. Weeded the small bits by scraping with the back side (not the sharp size) of an xacto blade.


Looks great! :grinning:
(Have you tried a plastic razor blade for the scraping? They are really fantastic at getting all the tiny bits up without scratching the material, and they’re dirt cheap.)


You beat me to it. I am working on a set of these as well.

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Very cool looking game!

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Can anyone explain how to get smoother engraves? All of the ones I’m trying look like OP’s. Very bumpy and gritty. That’s not at all what I signed up for. =(

Do not know the details of @whalley_jeff’s settings, but this post by @takitus explains a way to get some smoother surface, albeit with a pebbly texture, but at least gets rid of the sharp lines. Some practice with de-focusing on a subsequent final pass might get you the surface you need.


This was just standard proofgrade settings.

I didn’t care so much about gritty-ness, it’s for a game about blowing up spaceships :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m still testing settings for the ones I am working on, but here is an evade token I made with two color acrylic from Inventables. I did one focused engrave and another defocused at lower power.


Why is it not smooth? Forgive me, I just assumed the laser would be able to make smooth engraves. Is this a normal thing?

I can only guess that the power settings are not quite where they need to be, which is why I am continuing to test. Plus, acrylic melts and does not re-solidify immediately, so as tiny little particles of acrylic are blown away, some will land back on the object being engraved.

That is one of the reasons why I have to do multiple passes on this two-color acrylic. After the first pass, there are some areas where the green acrylic gets blown back over the white area and it hardens up again.

Also, keep in mind that I took that picture very close up. While there is a little texture to the piece, from farther away it looks pretty good. At least in this case, it does not need to be perfectly smooth.

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On my list to do as well! As soon as my GF gets here that is…