Not sure but this reminds me of something…can’t place my finder on it. :thinking:

xTool | Laserbox, 40w Smart Laser Cutter & Engraver, High Quality


Most direct knock off I’ve seen to date.

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I like the gas shocks and drag chains…

They’ve made some changes since they first introduced it in 2019, and finally listed a price :slight_smile:


And they’re not playing coy with who they’re trying to compete with.

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This is something I wish the GF could do:
If you open the lid, both xTool Laserbox and Glowforge stop emitting laser beams and pause the task. However, xTool can proceed from where left off by closing the lid, Glowforge requires you to start all over again.

And they got this wrong:
Glowforge will require you to manually measure the thickness of the uncertified material to make sure it can perform engraving and cutting properly.


Not at all.

I suspect that it ought to be possible.
Wonder if the team is continuously working on software improvements and new feature sets

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So exciting —-there is a contact phone number!!

I think calling China direct will be a little expensive.

I can’t get past all the typos and grammatical errors on that page.

Rule No 1 when selling in countries that speak a different language than you … get someone fluent in that language to write your ad copies, design your web page and create any product/user manuals.


Yeah I hope so.

Rule No 2 - Hire another native speaker to check what the first person did. Most people are blind to their own typos and grammatical errors.


Though the likeness is a blanten copy. There are improvments.

Proper linear rails. (Better. Delrin wheels will degrade and the rails which are aluminum will flatten or ding over time.)
Completely encapsulated tube. (Makes my OCD happy. No dirty, fragile tube.)
Ethernet port. (Situations where wireless performance is a hot mess.)
USB host support. (Great for first time setup. Or remote location operation)

Competition is good. Hopefully Glowforge is taking notes if they ever plan to make a 2.0.


I hope so.

This space has started moving relatively fast - though primarily around the software aspect, as far as innovation. The user base (industry wide) seems to be growing pretty rapidly.

I think GF is in a really interesting spot in the market. They have probably the best marketing of all of the systems out there. They’ve set an industry baseline for software expectations (not necessarily cloud-based, but in features and approach). They’ve nailed ease of use.

I see a lot of people doing really well from a business perspective but moving away from the platform - some of this is perceived reliability, but it’s mostly efficiency (power, speed, size). I know the answer is to get more Glowforge’s, and that’s definitely an option, but my experience in running multiple machines is that I’m more efficient/productive (and profitable) running one larger, faster machine.


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