Yellow Button - 6/10/19

Good Morning,

The last few days I have been having issues with the yellow button. The current temp on the right side of my GF is 67 deg F. I have not used my GF since last night. I just turned it on to start using it and within a couple of seconds the yellow light came on. Even before it could take a screen shot of the bed. The UI says that it is too hot to print. This is impossible because it has not been used all night and the room temp it 67 degrees F.

Check the head ribbon that it is firmly attached and no bent pins as that can cause the same symptoms.

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Thank you. I just checked the ribbon and everything appears to be fine.

I had that problem and it was driving me crazy. The ribbon looked fine on visual check, but removing the ribbon, cleaning all the contacts, putting it back and wiggling it a bit and the problem went away.

Thank you. I just tried that also and the yellow light comes on once the door is closed and the GF starts to make noise like it is starting up.

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Well then that is something the home folks will need to look at. You might try to make a short video with sound of the start to provide more clues. You might need to put the video on the cloud and post a link.

I’m so sorry for the the trouble. I see you’ve already emailed us about this, and we just followed up there, so I’ll be closing this thread. Thanks for letting us know about this.