Yellow Button after print is complete

Good Aftwenoon, I been experiencing some issues with my glowforge plus. It constantly saying that it needs to cool down during prints. Small prints. It’s 2+ years old. I recently cleaned the fan on the carriage when it prompted me to. But even after that it is still saying that it needs to cool down during 2 minute prints. I also have a glowforge filter connected to the machine. Can someone help me me. I also cleaned the lense frequently.

It’s also not cutting all the way through

Check to see if your filter is clogged, and if the vent/fan where the exhaust fan on the back left is clogged, and if both of those are clear, check under your machine on your right (when you’re facing it) to see if the air intake is clogged.

I have shedding pets, so i need to clean under the right side frequently or there won’t be enough airflow and it’ll throw an over heating message. Same goes for if the exhaust area is clogged or the fan is dirty or stuck.

Even if you use the air filter, if the fan is still in place, the air and debris passing over it will build up and cause both the overheating issue and the cutting issue-if it gets smokey in your machine (another sign is your lid looks dirty), then the smoke is going to mess with your laser and make it harder to cut through materials.


Have you turned up the dial on the filter or changed the filter recently? Have you checked thgat there is good air flow through the vent hose? What is the temperature in the room housing the Glowforge?


I live in the USVI and the temperature is usually no less than 75 degrees in the summer. I haven’t changed the filter in a little while too.

Unless you have a Pro or are running in an air-conditioned room that lowers the temperature, you’re at the limit of the machines’s technical specification for temperature. 75ºF for the basic and plus, 81ºF for the Pro.


Thanks you… I cleaned the back and flipped the air filter and it was good to go


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