Yellow Button - need help asap

The last few cuts I attempted could not be completed because it said it was overheating and now all I’m getting when I turn it on is the yellow button and the laser head in the middle of the bed. Can I please get some support asap? I have a couple orders that need to go out in a few days.
Thank you!

The yellow button should be a heat warning - the error on the screen says to leave it on so the fans can cool it off - if you’re shutting it off then it’s going to take longer to cool it off. What type of machine do you have? What’s the temperature in the room it’s in? Are you venting outside? If yes, what’s the temp outside?

If you’re not getting the heat error you may have had a cable pull loose (general error) - while you’ve got it off, poke around and take pictures of every connection, see if any are obviously loose/not fully connected.

I have a Pro and the temp in the room is about 66 deg F. It usually stops in the same place on the bed when it overheats, which is weird. Sometimes I can just move the wood a little to the right in the bed and reprint and it does just fine. But now it’s not even giving the heat error. It just keeps homing with the orange/yellow light on. Yes it’s venting outside and it’s about mid 60s as well

Do you have an Etsy shop and if so, what is it? You might find people here on the forums might be willing to help you get buy in your orders till you are up and running. It just depends on your approach.

Check that the white ribbon cable has not come loose or disconnected from the print head. The button will turn yellow if that’s disconnected. You’ll also want to remove the sheet of material from your last project from the bed before turning the Glowforge back on, as partially used sheets of material can confuse the homing algorithm.


Definitely sounds like a physical issue

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Hi @tlacy. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve run into some trouble with your Glowforge indicating it was overheating and is not stuck on a Yellow button. I saw that you also had an open email ticket for this same issue. I noticed my colleague, Faryar, was able to send a response with follow up steps through the email thread. To avoid any potential confusion or miscommunication, I will go ahead and close this Community thread, and we’ll look forward to your email response. Thank you!