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All of us thank her for her service


We could not be more proud. She has three medals already.

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Buttons flying across Cobb county.


Can’t stop bragging on her. 1st for top physical achievement at BCT in FLW, MO. 2nd for top academic performance at AIT in JBSA. Third for outstanding leadership at Ft. Stewart at a big national pre-deployment staging exercise.

We have several military veterans in our family, two were special ops. They don’t hand these out like candy.

(edit - she also scored highest overall in marksmanship, but no medal for that. We’ve competed in USPSA since she was in middle school, and rifle for a couple of years)

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You forgot to post—- Tai is beyond BEAUTIFUL!!

Yeah, that too…

She gets a lot of advice and coaching from all the old geezers at our matches.

We also race cars (autocross and drags) but she just sold her 'vette. She keeps begging me to take my Stinger. I’ve won multiple times against cars dedicated to the task.

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