Yellow Button or yellow light indicator

Good morning Glowforge

Yesterday my glowforge light turned yellow and my laptop indicated Too Cold it’s 81 degrees here and it’s was 79 degrees in my home.

The machine is setting in a room with the portable heater all night and it’s still not working at 87 degrees.

This situation is not very good when I’m trying to finish projects.

I’ve only had the Glowforge Pro for about a good 2 months and it is not working, can someone please help.

Robert Jones

87 degrees is too warm. (It can’t run if the temperature is too hot either.)

I don’t know how you picked up a “too cold” message, but it might just be an “out of temperature range” warning. Try to get the room temperature into the mid-seventies, (I keep it at 75° or less) and you are going to have to leave it at that temperature until it cools off sufficiently to run. It might take a full day. You might also try opening the lid and blowing a fan across the top of the machine to displace the hot air that comes off of the reservoir tank…it transfers heat very slowly through the plastic.

Good morning

The room temp is normally at 73 degree everyday in my office area when I received the too cold indicator, that’s what made me increase the temperature in the room, which still didn’t help matter’s . So I’m at a lost on this one and the GF is connected to an Air-Filter machine so there is no outside air coming into duct.

The room temperature is back at 73 degree’s now.

Just really disappointed with this situation cause now I at stop early and I’ve haven’t had the GF Pro over 2 months

Well, it might be a bad temperature sensor or maybe one of the cables went out. Support can take a look at the logs and should be able to tell, so I guess now you just wait to hear from them. (They check the forum at least once a day.)

You’re still under warranty at two months, so this is the best time to have it go out if it was going to go out. You won’t have any cost to get it repaired if it needs repair.

You are right, if something happens it’s covered under the warranty.

My projects are going to be delayed and my customers disappointed :disappointed:

Definitely let them know there might be a delay…(After support gets back to you with what it is you might have a better idea, so you might want to wait to hear from them first.)

I’ve gotta get ready for work, so I can’t do the searching for you, but if you look at similar problems here in the P&S section, there have been cases where a loose cable was the issue, and you should be able to find photographs of the area to check. (Sorry I can’t be more specific; I haven’t had the problem so the location of the cable didn’t stick in my mind!)

Hi @robert.jones.jr1961, I see you’ve also emailed us about this issue and we’re working on it there. To avoid any confusion and possible duplication, I’m going to close this topic.