Yellow Button stuck


I am my elementary school’s makerspace runner! Today I was engraving and cutting and my glowforge stopped working about ten minutes into the 55 minute job. The orange light is glowing despite turning it off and on and waiting several times for a cool down. When I look inside, nothing seems to be amiss. This happened today (11/30) at about 11:00 am. We have a lot of time sensitive student projects we are in the middle of, so quick help would be much appreciated.


Is there an associated error message in the UI?

Just that the glowforge was unable to complete the print and to try turning it off and refreshing the browser. I tightened the white cable and that seems to have fixed the problem!



The head ribbon cable.

I’m so sorry to hear you hit a snag. I extracted the logs from your Glowforge and I saw that you have printed successfully since posting. That’s great news!

I also see you’ve emailed us about this, so I’m going to close this thread and follow up there.