Yellow Death Light after cleaning

Hello! Glowforge Pro owner here - had it since January of this year. Been working fabulously up until approx 3 days ago. I noticed that it wasn’t cutting all the way through materials (⅛" clear acrylic…) so I decided it was time for a clean. Boy, was I right. Disgusting!

Cleaned it all, put it back together it was working fine the day after and yesterday, and even earlier today. Now i’ve tried to cut and I kept getting an overheating message (it is 66F ambient room temperature and inside of the glowforge) on a 2 minute cut through thick, clear acrylic. I attempted to check the fans/exhaust to my GF air filter and did some slight cleaning - when I turned it back on i’m getting the yellow death light now. Ribbon cables all seem in place - no wear is apparent. Nothing feels or smells hot. Air intake is not blocked.

I’m out of ideas for troubleshooting - anyone have any other reasons why the yellow light would be coming on? TIA!

Check the connection to the print head. If it is even slightly off it can give you that issue.


So simple - I think that might have been the culprit. I took the print head off again to clean it before I saw your reply (thought maybe the fans on it might have been slightly dirty) and also cleaned off the connections. Reset the print head and it seems to be working again now. Fingers crossed - thank you!


Any time.


If you get spurious overheating errors again, check that the drag chain on the left isn’t bumping into or rubbing against this bundle of wires that includes the temperature sensor.


Yes! Thank you! I saw another thread with this suggestion and moved mine back a smidge. I thought I broke something originally as the yellow button was super persistent afterwards LOL.

I appreciate your help!

Glad to see another Missourian in the forum. Go Cards! (and Chiefs)

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Haha yes! Small world :slight_smile:

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