Yellow Light and Calibration

Hi, We recently got a Glowforge for a robotics camp and program that we run and its been great it was workign perfectly and we have probalby done over 40 cuts so far. We are based out of Florida so it is realtively humid and hot but the Glowforge is running inside with AC set at about 70 degrees so I don’t know if temperature is an issue. Yesterday the Glowforge suddenly said calibrating and was doing so for about an hour. Realizing it was doing nothing we shut it off and let it sit until today. When I turned it back on it had a yellow light and was disconnect from the Glowforge app. I tried to run the setup again in hopes of reconnecting with no such luck. Now it just has a solid yellow light and the Glowforge only turns on. It is about 80 percent humidity today and I imagine it was the same yesterday and most days we have been cutting. I was wondering if anyone else had this error and if anyone could help me out.
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While the orange light is typically associated with a temperature condition, it actually means that there is a system condition and to check the UI. Unfortunately, I don’t think anything is reported back to the UI at this time other than temperature warnings (and that seems hit or miss).

A couple of things to check:

That exhaust is flowing well (the exhaust fan isn’t clogged, etc)

That the air intake (bottom right of machine) isn’t blocked

That the flat ribbon cable to the head is secure. You might remove it, look and make sure no connectors are bent and then reseat it.

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Thanks for the answer I have already checked other forum posts and saw them taking about bent connectors and I have already checked those they are good. I just checked exhaust it was fine as well. I can however make the light turn green by holding it for 10 seconds as opposed to yellow but I still cant connect to it in setup.

I did just check the fan and it wasnt spinning even though it is on is that an issue.

The exhaust fan won’t spin unless a job is running.

I sent you a private message. Do you know how to access those?

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.