Yellow light and focusing

My glowforge is stuck on focus after engraving with yellow light. If it is turned off and back on it works for 1-2 engraves and then does the same thing. I have double checked connections and cleaned everything. No response from glowforge yet.

Just wondering - what’s the ambient temperature in the room you’re in? Recently MY glowforge was throwing yellow lights at the end of long engraves in a room that was admittedly a bit warmer than normal operating temperatures…

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Temp is about 65 degrees in the room I use it in. The engraved I’m doing are only 25-30 min long.

Your symptoms point to a problem in the print head or the white ribbon cable that connects the print head to the machine. This is the path where the “Focusing” command gets sent to the print head, and if the controller board isn’t able to talk to the print head for some reason, the big light will be illuminated yellow. Check the connector for that cable is clean and free of debris, and none of the gold pins on the print head side are bent or missing. Check the length of the cable for kinks or any spots where it’s rubbed through exposing wires.

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