Yellow Light and Stopping in the Middle of a Job

I was cutting last night and the printer head stopped right in the middle. The fan was still running. I turned it off and let it sit for the night. This morning, I turn it on and it was still being weird, having a hard time centering the head, and taking a long time to focus. I got it running again for a 2 hour job and it stops in the middle again, but this time has the yellow light. I turn everything off, take material out, give it time to sit and turn it back on. As soon as it starts to center the head, the yellow light comes on again. I have read that it could be the temperature? We are having a heat wave right now. So maybe that is it? But it was cooler last night when the problem started. I have recently cleaned the fan and the air assist fan.

There are only two /common/ things that cause the light to turn yellow:

  1. Temperature, as you’ve heard. This should be accompanied by a “cooling down” message on the GF web app if that’s the reason. This will happen when the machine is over 75F (Basic/Plus) or 81F (Pro). If it’s colder than that in your room, and you’re not seeing any temperature related messages on your screen, then it’s probably not that.

  2. The connection between the print head and the rest of the machine was lost. If the white ribbon cable that clicks into the side of the print head has come out or become loose, that’ll also make the machine stop and the button turn yellow. The machine also can’t “focus” without this connection. It’s possible the cable wiggled itself loose – unplug it, blow out any dust or debris in the connection, make sure all the gold pins look straight and undamaged, plug it back in then turn the machine back on. Hopefully that fixes it for you!


It doesnt give me a temperature message when it happens, so maybe it’s the print head?

Most often it seems.

Be very careful, but try re-seating that connection. Make sure you put it in “square”, not at an angle, and make sure it clicks.

If that doesn’t solve it, you need to contact support using the contact form link on the support main page. They can check the logs to see where the issue is (i.e. they can tell if it is a problem communicating with the head.)

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