Yellow light and stuck on focusing

Hi! My Glowforge light turned yellow two days ago and is stuck on focusing. The head will not move and there is no clicking sound. I contacted support, but they were not a great help and only suggested to send me a refurbished one by paying around $1000, and I will have to send them back my fairly new machine. They did not even run a diagnostic, so I am a bit frustrated especially with missing out on all the Christmas sales. I found helpful links here and followed all the instructions (turning off, resetting wifi, cleaning, plugging in white cable on both ends, making sure everything is connected, etc.). Do you have any other suggestions of what to do? Thank you!

They have access to the logs on the back end - they don’t “run” a diagnostic program, they read the logs and see what the issue is. They would not recommend a replacement if it were anything that could be serviced at home. If your machine is less than 6 months old it would be under warranty, the only time they don’t cover repairs under warranty is if you cut vinyl or PVC or something in you machine. If you did that, then there are instructions for attempting to save it - but it’s an involved process with no guarantees.


Thanks for your response! This is the first time that I have an issue with my glowforge, but thought they would at least have me turn the machine on and go through some troubleshooting steps together. Unfortunately, the machine is a little over 6 months, so there is no warranty. I never used any vinyl or PVC.

Got it - well yay there :slight_smile: Did you contact them via email or just over the phone?

I am confused by the age of the machine as you joined the forum in November 2020. Was this a refurbished unit?

I’m not very good at mechanics with the GF but I will recommend a few things because I know how frustrating it is when it is acting up. Make sure your lenses are clean and also the top camera. I read a long time ago that the camera at the top needs to read the word Glowforge on the Laser head. Make sure the top of the laser head is clean.


Both. I tried calling back a few times today but could not get through.

No, it was new. I joined a few months before actually receiving the unit.

I will try that, thank you!