Yellow light caused by file transfer?

Okay this is a weird one, I really don’t know what to make of it.

Earlier today I started getting a yellow button light when I hit print. It sends the print head to focus, put’s down the red light on the material, and locks. The app says ‘print stopped’ and the yellow light comes on.

I came to the forums, checked old threads. I thought it could be temperature (its cold outside and I vent through a window), internal temp is fine. I checked the ribbons and the pins and I did a full cleaning. That did not solve my problem. I thought maybe it was my files and started importing different file types. Didn’t make a difference. I tried to work off past prints and new prints. I even made a brand new never-before-touched workspace and drew a square using the in-app shape tool. No bueno.

After about 3 hours of this, I open the Gift of Good Measure. Do I really think this is going to do anything? No, not really, but I’m out of ideas. It sends fine. Huh.

I open a brand new workspace, draw a brand new square. Hit send. Yellow light.

I go back to the Gift of Good Measure, hit print. Working fine. I set the Gift of Good Measure to ignore, import my artwork, hit print. It works.

Bring the exact same artwork to a new workspace. Yellow light.

I can’t think of anything that could possibly be different here except how the app treats the pre-built files. IDK.

Any ideas? I will try anything. Don’t really want to spend the rest of my life working inside the GoGM.

The yellow light is frequently temperature, but it can also be “I don’t know but something’s off” - it sounds like maybe something in your software is causing it to throw an error - but it sounds like you were using the GFUI software to create the square so that doesn’t make sense.

Have you cleared the cache of your browser recently? Sometimes it gets stuck on an error rather than the :glowforge:

If that doesn’t work I’d 100% call support (you can get their number at I’m betting it needs a kick and it’ll work again.


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