Yellow Light, conventional solutions not working

Hi, having issues with that lovely yellow light.

I had a few weeks between prints, I had an issue with the laser simply not turning on, waited a little while and tried again, finished the print no problem.

Tried to turn the laser back on and I’ve had nothing but a yellow light.

All fans are clear and working, temperature is controlled, and it certainly never gets too hot. Checked pins, all are in placed and straight, reconnected them at both ends… still nothing but yellow.

Has ANYONE had any solution other than the three suggested?

Another cause of yellow light is this bundle of wires getting damaged or disconnected by the drag chain rubbing on it. This is in the front left of your Glowforge, by the coolant tank.

Contacting customer support (via the support button at the top of the page, or should narrow down the cause pretty quickly. The machine’s logs should reveal why the light is yellow.


Checked both ends and the cables are intact, connected, and out of the way.

I realize this may not be your problem but for anyone else following this thread I just had that yellow light for my first time and it was the white ribbon cable that completely unplugged itself while the machine was attempting a set focus operation. I honestly never had that thing disconnect and I have never taken it off even for the limited cleaning I do. I put it on when I received the machine and up until yesterday never touched it. Then for some bizarre reason the head moved left and the ribbon disconnected which resulted in a failure and a yellow light. Easy fix for me although I am scratching my head as to why it suddenly parted ways.


Check if the ribbon cable is sticky at all. At one point mine had gotten sticky enough that it started sticking to itself at times, and this caused the print head to get stuck at one point, and pulled the end of the cable loose as well. If not sticky, it might’ve just vibrated itself out of the connector over a very long time.


That IS a bizarre thing to happen…I can see why it surprised you.


Not sticky at all. I’m guessing it was just from vibration over the years. It will make me keep a closer eye on it from here on in.

Haha, yeah all the stories I’ve read about the dreaded yellow light and then I walk up to it and I have the yellow light. I was hugely relieved to see that it was such an easy fix.

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Has the clip failed? That connector is solid enough but the clip should hold it securely unless, say, the machine is in operation during an earthquake, perhaps.

I’ve got no suggestion as I’ve never had this issue, but if you want to post your logs (or DM to me) I’ll take a look to see if I can identify the issue. There are some clear errors generated for certain conditions.

No actually the clip still snaps onto it when I shove them together. It’s really odd since I never mess with it and rarely even lift the head off the carriage.

Weird. Yeah, I only unplugged it once back in the beginning.

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