Yellow Light Help Needed

Hey Everyone. This afternoon I started my first cut (acrylic). 10 minutes into a 15 minute project it stopped and said it needed to cool down. It just sat like that so I cancelled the project. It instantly started saying it was too cold and then the yellow light came on. Any suggestions on a fix?

What is the temperature in the room? Are you venting outside or to the filter? Have you double checked that the white cable is securely clicked into the printhead?


I have it in my basement. Temp in the 70’s. I have the filter. Cleaned the fans.

Check to be sure the filter isn’t full. Turn the filter up if possible.


That’s pretty vague, but the basic and plus will not operate above 75º

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You don’t have to cancel the project. It will start back up right where it left off when it cools down (or warms up).


I think this might be dependent on the setup. My basic works fine with ambient temperatures at the inlet up to 79F. I usually only get a yellow light at the end of the job.

Temp in the high 60,s, low 70’s. It stayed like that for quite a while before I cancelled the project only to have it immediately say it was too cool and then the yellow light came on. Let it sit open for 24hours, that did not work. Cleaned all the fans that also did not work. Hoping to hear back from support as it has now been down over three days.

They generally don’t work weekends so give it a few business days…


They got back to me today, did some magic on their end, machine is back up and running! Thanks everyone.

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Good to hear!

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