Yellow light on button

I had a yellow button light a couple iof weeks ago and it seemed to go away after I cleaned it. Now it is on again and will not seem to clear need help soon as I am trying to get some projects done. A couple of weeks ago when it happened I was asked to take picture of the right side of the machine but was not sure why. I did also email in a support call

Yellow/amber is a temperature alert. No error messages though? Outside right side? Air flow is important surrounding the Glowforge for intake. Did they mention that?

It’s tough to get these non-specific errors. Hope it clears up quickly. Venting clear? Exhaust port clear?

I will clear as much as I can but looks pretty clear

Well that did not help. Blown out and vacuumed as much as I can in that area. Still getting yellow button. Did not clear anything unusual. It is the same old smoke residue.

Make sure the right side of your unit is not blocked, or that a loose piece of paper is stuck to the air intake holes under the machine (on the right side). The machine needs clear area to draw in fresh air for proper cooling & venting–the only times I had overheating/yellow button was when I found a piece of paper was sucked up against some of the holes and a stack of stuff on the side of the machine got pushed up right against my machine…

I’m so sorry you ran into trouble! I see that we’ve been in touch with you via email, so I’m going to close this thread.