Yellow Light Stuck on Focusing

I was working on a print and it started to engrave just fine… but then it stopped and went to focusing and my air assist fan started to make a noise. The yellow light also went on. I cleaned the air assist fan very well and then put everything back together. Now when I start up the Glowforge, it tries to start up and then a few minutes in the yellow light comes back and it goes into focusing. I have sent in an email but haven’t heard back.

Was there an error in the GFUI with the yellow light?
It could be a temperature issue - cleaning the air assist as well as the silver chute beneath the air assist may help. Also cleaning your ducting and main fan.
It could be the cable coming loose from the head. Check it on both ends, and for any worn spots or cracking along it’s length.

Support now has phone coverage 7 days a week, as well as Discord, both which are faster than email. If you didn’t get an instant auto response to the email then either they didn’t get it, or their response went to your spam. If you did get the response, they ask you questions in it. Have you answered them?

Hopefully it’s the cleaning though. That’s the easiest to fix!


Thank you for replying! There was no error that popped up with the yellow light. It just tries to get going and then after a few minutes goes into focusing and the yellow light pops on.

I did inspect the white cable a bit better and it looks like there are some spots that are worn along the top of it.

As a short term fix you can try putting tape (gorilla or similar) along the length, but getting a replacement cable night fix the issue.

You should respond to the Support auto response with pictures of the wear spots and see if they offer any other suggestions.


Thank you so much! I will try the tape! I did order a new replacement cable last night as well.

Did the new cable fix your issue?