Yes, you can make a groove!


Here is a test piece I used to dial in the settings.

But this was for draftboard. Depth and cutting power would be different depending on the material.


Is that blackened “ledge” in the back of the piece your engrave depth? Or each of the edge slots? I’m a little confused which part of the piece shows what you achieved at those engrave settings (which are nice of you to share BTW).


It is the end slot, shown here.


I think it’s the angle of the photo. It makes the bit above the groove look as though it’s much taller or deeper than the rest. It confused me for a moment too, despite the fact that I’ve actually made this style of box before! :wink:


I can see it now. Oy.


I want to try this so bad. I’m new and I’m little confused. which is the top??? Thank you


The top is the piece without tabs or fingers.


I would love to do this. Can you share the svg file?


Check out this post… it has an attached svg that illustrates this technique and you can download and cut on the :glowforge:


I encourage you to try makercase or festi. You can create a box with your own dimensions.