Yet another first cut YAFC


Brace yourself, your going to see more and more of these as production increases.

Fed Ex guy brought my preproduction today just as I had to leave for work. I got home and did the unpack and setup. Easy peasy. I hit a few snags but 90% my fault the other 10% was just needing to reboot the unit.

Once I got a good boot she went to town and I am truly amazed. I have been expecting great things and we got it.

Proofgrade is going to be worth far more than any premium we pay for it. I hope before it is over they have a huge verity of materials.

To have and make all the cool bespoke things I want I’ll still have to do the design work but the CAM side is just stupid simple. So easy compared to my CNC or 3d printer.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 4th, 2017

Please fill up our support inbox with any snags you hit - we aspire to make it unsnaggable! But I’m delighted with what you’ve got, and can’t wait to see what you cook up once you’ve got your own designs running. :slight_smile:


I plan to do both. As @Jules observed, if you tell you everything you can dump things that you expected this or that out of and capture what is significant.
As to my own designs, I’ve gotten a lot better doing tutorials and I think I’ll become a near expert in the next months. Lots of things planned that will be different than the things seen so far. I am not NEAR as artistic as several others that have a pre-release but I think well mechanically. I see a lot of household “infrastructure” items in my future.


OMG, another pre-release! Congratulations, and great job! I’m puzzled by the clamp-looking things: what are they for?


Ooooh yeaaah! Glad you got one. Did I just hear you cough and call in sick to work? Must be a bad case of Glowforge-itis. :wink: Requires long hours of laser fun to cure.


Glad to see another pre-production unit in the wild and excited to see what you create.


I seriously spent a minute trying to figure out what “w8ld” means, you know, like gr8, 2day, or checkm8. Waitled? Then I realized you simply missed the “i” key!


Congratulations on getting a pre-production unit and thanks for sharing your first projects. Excited to see what else you can do with this unit.


Lol! Nothing clever here. That’s what I get for texting and walking.


Gratz to the newest , am looking forward to your thinking and my learning.




Hopefully most of us will have the same enjoyment you obviously had!


Mark36301 your in my zip code… so jealous… Great Work!!


Nice!!! Congratulations :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: we hope to see more things you made with the :glowforge:


Maybe I’m allergic to Glowforges. I’m pretty sure I’d call out sick if my Glowforge arrived before work. I’m also pretty sure I’d become ill if I found it arrived while I’m at work.


Wow this is so cool!

I’m really looking forward to seeing your mechanical ideas, so much fun!!:sunglasses:


Very cool! Looks super sharp!


Ooooh! Great job on the luggage tag! (Is that the walnut?) :grinning: :hedgie:


Oh wow! Pre-Release units are popping up like crazy!


They are just that, clamps for multiple layers of 1/8" stock