(Yet Another) Folding Dice Tower

Made with medium proofgread cherry plywood, two Chicago screws (https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B083C3H7HN/), and wood glue.

I was only able to find 6mm Chicago screws, not 1/4-inch, so the fit between the tower and tray is very tight. As a result, I would not recommend making this with something other than proofgrade material.

Engrave the blue layer, cut the other layers. I used the default cut values for proofgrade medium cherry plywood, but cut the power in half (from 70 to 35) for the SD Graphic engrave settings.

Initially, I only glued the tray, not the tower, but after the tower popped apart a few times, I decided to glue it too. There is no need to glue the shelves within the tower, and they are cut with a much looser tolerance. Note that when assembling the tower, the front and back pieces are not quite identical, so it can be a little tricky to get right. (Some time after taking these photos, I noticed I had got them upside-down, but wasn’t able to retake the photos after fixing it.)

dice-tower v1.0a

The dice and dragon designs are from public-domain clipart I found online; the rest is my original design.



If redesigning this, the two things I think I’d change are:

  1. leave room in the tray for a layer of felt or 1-2mm eva foam, so it’s not quite so loud when rolling dice
  2. make the front & back pieces actually be identical instead of almost identical, to make assembly easier.

Something is not right in the pictures… it looks almost upside-down, like it would catch the dice, not roll them?

I think the sides might just be reversed.


Yes, I noted that hidden in the 4th paragraph. I had assembled and disassembled this several times, and didn’t realize I’d gotten that part upside down in one assembly, until I was uploading the photos. I did wonder if anyone would notice.


Sorry, the picture are above all the paragraphs, so I saw those first.

Other than being upside-down in the photos, the design is beautiful!

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for this nice file.

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Thank you so much for sharing! Looks great!

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I like that. Thank you for sharing.

Trick dice tower! :smiley:

Nice job! Thank you for sharing!