Yet another footprint / dimensions question (I know)

Pictures should work great, then. Thanks!

I get “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”


Hmmm… Sorry 'bout that!

I can’t see that link - I also get the same error message.

You’re saying that technically I only need a footprint space of 13" by 34"? That’s great news! I was having problems finding something that had a table surface 21 inches deep.

The open space around the GF will not be a problem, nor the stability of the table. I was thinking something like this: Plenty o’ storage.


and here is this for reference (I have kept this on my phone as I keep an eye out for the perfect GF cart base to hold my table surface)


Just to let you know. Need someplace other than the top of the Glowforge to lay your tablet or laptop. You will want it at the machine. And I now have scraps laying all over the top of the Glowforge, edge of the table and on the floor. Flat surfaces are at a premium. Even the top of the washer dryer is starting to collect drawings, Proofgrade, calipers, masking material, etc.


I have one of those Husky cabinets in my studio. Currently, it holds my dye sublimation printer and heat press. I’m considering using it for the Glowforge. The wheels will make it easy to pivot out so I can use the pass-through slot on my Glowforge Pro. But I am concerned that it is a little too tall for comfortable use.


I suspected that might be an emergent issue, and was considering another pull-out surface for lay-out, building and general accumulation of cosmic debris.
You just solidified my decision.


Would still like to know what height the pass through slot is if anyone knows yet (I’m guessing staff).

I believe it’s 3/8" with 1/4" material supported. Can’t find the post but it was last summer as I recall this coming up and answered.

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Sorry James, That bit I already knew.
What I was referring to is the height of the slot, above the base of the GF or the surface it is sat on.

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Ah. That’s clearer. I think @dan had a post somewhen about how high (in a discussion about outfeed table height IIRC). The pre-releasers might know as well - if the plastic is the same except that the slot isn’t cut through on the basic but the molding is there. @takitus or @karaelena would be good ones to sniff that out.


Thanks, I’m sure someone will be along with an answer soon.
I’ve not been able to find it on the forum so far.

Should be pretty easy to get pretty close - the tray height should be the same height as the base of the slot so that stuff will slide in on the tray and not wobble or require spacers. Anyone with a basic unit could measure that too.

My infeed/outfeed table will be height adjustable so I can make up for slight variations in the floor as I move the table around. I’ll have it against the wall unless I’m doing something with the pass-thru and then I’ll just spin it around or move it into the center of the floor. That’s also one reason I got the filter - won’t need to worry about the hose on the back.

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That’s going to be a really tough question to answer, because the machine is curved on the bottom, and sits on runners. Do you want the measurement from the bottom of the front face, or from the table surface? Or from the inside of the machine?

The tray that sits inside a recessed area is about 1.5" tall, and any slot would have to feed the material in at that level, but that is not the distance to the table top, because of the runners. Which measurement do you want? (Or better yet, what do you need the measurement for?)


Answered in a table design topic.


I thank you.

So it was stated back in March that the footprint space is 13" by 34"… I assume it is the same for the pro and the basic … Has there been any other updates or confirmation on the footprint now that these are shipping?

13" does not seem right.
Looking on the site the specs say:
Glowforge exterior (Pro and Basic): 38″ x 20.75″ x 8.25″ (965mm x 527mm x 210mm)

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