Yet another metal engraving

I am really digging this acid etch process.
My mother designed the town seal for my hometown, so the town seal is a pretty big thing for our family. I used the same process as the one for the makers mark. .8mm Aluminum Krylon matte black acid resist engraved on the Glowforge. Acid etched, and ink washed. about 6 inches in diameter.image


I’d love to see it but your photo didn’t come through. Can you re-upload?

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Should be there now. Some late night, uploaded from the phone weirdness.

That is a big deal … And looks awesome!

What setting was used for the metal engraving?
I am using LZR ALUm .020 metal and my engraving can use some help.
my setting is 1000 with 60 power

The OP covered a piece of metal in a resist layer, lased away part of the resist, washed the metal in an acid bath and then did an ink wash.

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