Yet another new kind of laser


I want a job doing this. It’s gotta be even more satisfying than vacuuming a really dirty floor.


This raises the question if the Glowforge could cut through some rust on metal? Probably not effective for cleaning - This one is a 1000 watt laser. But, it would be a neat effect if you rusted a sheet of metal and then lasered a design into it. Then you could seal it to stop further corrosion.


Off the top of my head though, similar lasers sold to do the same thing go for more than a couple of nice houses, soooooo…


The really crazy thing is that the original video I saw of this, which I couldn’t find, shows the operator running that laser right over his hand!


I sure love the sound these things make.


There’s also this: Laser Rust Removal


Looks like that should work for hair removal…:hushed: (no more messy wax)


I wonder if it works for paint/varnish removal?


Magnetite is a black magnetic precursor to red rust. In metallic iron the charge is +0. As it is exposed to air, the oxygen starts pulling electrons from the iron making iron +2 oxide followed by iron +3 oxide (red rust). A mixture of the +2 and +3 iron oxides is magnetic magnetite (black). If this device or Glowforge can knock magnetite off of a substrate, they would allow us to make our own magnetic information storage devices or tailor made magnets like what I posted months ago.


not sure I’d want to clog my filter up and dirty the machine though


As someone who works with rusty steel a lot, I saw this a while back and literally giggle with joy.


As the owner of a fresnel lens that can get up to 2000 F my question is; does it really need to be a laser or would some very high concentration of generic Sol photons do the trick? I don’t see why the photons have to be in a laser configuration to do this work.


As I understand it, the laser has a high enough energy density to essentially convert the top layer of rust into plasma. Don’t think a solar-pumped fresnel comes close to that level. I think.




This would be really satisfying to watch if only they would finish cleaning something!


I just can’t get “Lightsaber” out of my head.
Can’t EDM be used for rust removal in a very similar way?


Depending how the laser system is designed it can handle irregular shaped objects likely much better than an edm. Plus it should not cut into the metal as the light absorption between metal vs oxide is quite a bit different.


I am various curious how this smells…


As someone who enjoys tech, lasers, and death rays, I giggled too.