Yet Another Window Vent Design

Here is a design I was playing with when trying to get a nice vent out the window. I figured it was a good 2nd project to try and learn on.

In the file you can see the A circle is larger as it is the base circle on the window cutout. Then you stack and glue the B circles on top. You also place the TOP/BOTTOM slides for guide rails to hold the newly mounted holder in place.

I think the template I was using for Illustrator was a bit too large as it didn’t allow me to cut it all on one sheet (despite fitting in the template). Hopefully it works for you by moving items on and off the cutting view to get it all cut.

IMG_0567 IMG_0566

IMG_0554 IMG_0556 IMG_0557


Ah… and the files. Any tips from those more experienced would be helpful. Window (103.3 KB)


Great design, and I especially like how you have labeled parts. And, of course, thanks for sharing with the community!


Nice! Lot’s of people are looking for venting solutions on an ongoing basis! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! Mostly it was for me to keep track, and I thought the score of placement would make gluing mostly fool proof.

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Well, it’s one of the few times I’ve seen it incorporated into a design file that way, which makes it easy for the community to use is now, and far into the future.

And since I just noticed that this is your first post, WELCOME to the community. It really is a magical place!


Thanks! we just got the machine a week ago. I am hoping to have a ton of fun with this, helping my wife make signs, etc.


Nice. I’d extend the base plate and the mounting piece for the circles another 4 or 5 inches. Keep the circle hole where it is near the edge with the extra uncut part to the side. That way when you slide it away from the exhaust hole you’ll actually cover the hole and eliminate most air leaks while it’s not in use - a combined vent connection & blast gate effect.


Great Idea. In fact, it also just inspired another thought - a variation on this would be perfect for a means of switching between venting and using a filter.

Hmmm… I may have to work on a variation this weekend.


Indeed. That’s a good idea.

How much air bleed do you get out of the seams?

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Great idea on the slider. In my fully executed science experiment, it was “not much” air bleed. I can say without a doubt that I get FAR less smell in the garage using it. I have to be standing next to the machine to get the normal levels of burning smell. :slight_smile: The key is helping to stop blow back from the outside I think.

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I am curious to see what you come up with! Another opportunity to learn for me from someone who has been doing this a while.

Could probably do something with some foam or rubber weatherstripping with a “d” profile glued to the slider with the “o” part down. Would need to make sure it didn’t bind & catch under the slider. But that might trap any residual odors. I’m not that sensitive so I don’t get all twisted up about small leaks but I know some people are more sensitive to the odors.

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Just a thought, but making tubes with flat materials a great pain. Alternatives would be 4" pvc tubing that I have seen but not used myself, quart size juice bottles, I am using V-8 bottles cut to length, a deep engrave of 1/4 inch oak that does not go through, soaked in hand sanitizer for two days and bent before drying. I have bent the oak plywood that way but not to a 4" circle that needs to be 13.656" where bent.
here is the svg
fixed a glitch

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great idea, thanks for sharing!

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Welcome to the forum, and thank you for sharing your work!


This is a great design. Just curious wouldn’t the piece that slides need to be longer for when you move it to the left the hole is covered as oppose to exposed like in your pic. I like this design and want to try it but before I cut I was wondering about the length of the slide out piece. Thank you. :slight_smile:

I designed mine to basically be removed when not in use. You could definitely make the slides longer and keep in in an open/closed state all the time.

Aw some! Thank you for your response.