Yet more UPS Chaos



As I took the morning off from work to be here for the arrival of my forever forge, UPS manages to screw up again… These two UPS My Choice alert emails arrive within 6 minutes of each other for the GF package:

2017-11-21_09-15-02 (from 8:48am)

2017-11-21_09-15-23 (from 8:54am)


One for GF, one for crumb tray?


To quote the great philosopher Taylor Swift: “All you’ll ever be is mean!”


My crumb tray/accessory box arrived the day before the Glowforge itself arrived because the Glowforge missed the connection at the distribution hub the night before they were expected.


You know it’s for realz when @henryhbk quotes T-Swift !!!


The best part was autocorrect made this “to quote the goat philosopher…” which somehow is more awesome…