Yeti Engraving

Hello, Friends!
I recently received an engraving request from a friend. He wants to have me laser engrave Yeti tumblers in the glowforge. Has anyone done this? Yeti tumblers are not narrow, by any means, so the only way this would be possible is by removing the crumb tray, but is that a good idea? Any advice, tips, and tricks would be appreciated! Thank you!

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If you search for Yeti in the search above, there are many posts on t he topic. Yes, you need to remove the tray (or pound your yeti flat with a sledgehammer). There is a tutorial on doing this by yours truly (slightly out of date due to the set focus command)


they have to be 2" or less wide, or they will not fit, even without the crumb tray.

You need to put something in the bottom of the GF bed to hold the item in place, that you can use for each tumbler you engrave.

For glass, you should drape a wet paper towel over the item for engraving.

Unless you cut out the bottom of your glowforge, as some have done, a YETI tumbler is too big, even with the crumb tray removed. Something else with a rotary attachment would be better for this. Unless your yeti’s are less than 2" wide, this won’t work.


If the Glowforge is the only laser available this sounds better suited to abrasive etching.

If you are making just a few, find someone with a vinyl cutter to make masks for you.

If you are making dozens, buy pre-made masks from a shop like Rayzist, and etch.

Even a cheap-o abrasive tool should make a nice mark on Yetis.

A laser would be cool, lasers always are. But you would need a bigger machine with rotary support. Pre-made masks and abrasive etching might end up being faster, anyway.

If I had pre-made etching masks to stick on, I bet I could do 10-15 Yetis in an hour in my homemade glove box.


Found this in the free laser section a while back, it helped me with a ton of projects


Once you cut the bottom of the machine out, build a jig for cylindrical material, and develop a system for aligning multiple stage prints, it’s a snap!


Your Warranty is gone in a puff of smoke as well if you have one.

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So long ago, I forgot how to spell it…

(I haven’t cut the bottom out of mine, but the fan and grate are gone…)

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I totally missed your sledgehammer tutorial!!!


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I want video…

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Haha, say what? You do know you can’t put anything over 2 inches inside right? Maybe a yeti shot glass if they make those.

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I was incredibly disappointed in youtube in failing to provide me a video of a yeti being crushed by any machine (hammer or steam-roller)


I hate to “promote” this idiot, but…


Ha! promote(?)…I get ya though…Searching for cup engravings and seeing who cut out the bottom of their Forge (mild curiosity) and I end up here laughing a this blooper reel. Thanks for the laugh…I needed it!
Happy Burning All! (C’ept for the kiddo!)