YMCA Awards Bathymetric Map with Living Hinge Border


A while back I made a prototype for some YMCA awards that I was given the honor of making for this year’s annual dinner, and finished 2 tonight with the 3rd gluing up right now. I took inspiration from @coloradocaver and his recent bathymetric map and added a border to my maps. Since they are already cut with a curved border, I had to make mine with a living hinge. The awards need a bit of clean up where some clue expanded, but overall, I think that they will love the results. I made a stand for each, as well as put rubber feet on the back in case they could rather have it sit flat. Finally, I added a keyhole so they could hang it if they choose to.


Good ? . . Better ? . . .Best !

John :upside_down_face:


Great work.

The multiple display options was inspirational.


Love the frame! Very creative.


Wonderful job on this!


The frame is a perfect finishing touch. Great job!


The frame is great, is that two pieces of living hinge joined at the sides?


Thanks! It’s 4 pieces with a joint on each edge.


Beautiful work and design.


Oh! Love the “jigsaw” joint on the sides!


Oh nice! Super work with the living hinge frame. I like it.

Glad I could provide a little inspiration…


Excellent job. :sunglasses:


Those look awesome!!!

Great job!!!


WOW!!! Everything you do notches up to another level of Amazement!!! Thanks for sharing and please keep sharing!!!


Slick, great colouring.


good job.


Amazing Work. They will treasure them. You know you will need to repeat these next year.


So beautiful! You go all out with the details! Love the frame … With engraving, no less! Ready to sit or hang … Really, really nice!


How many layers deep does the keyhole go? Thanks!


2 layers. :grinning: