You can always spot a snitch


by it’s golden fluttery wings :slight_smile: My older daughter is a Harry Potter fan and wanted to make some shirts for her friends. So, we designed a pattern that we could use as a stencil and cut it out of chipboard. Then we used that with some gold fabric spray to put it on some shirts. Here is the stencil.

Then we used it to mask our spray paint on the shirt.

They turned out pretty nice in various colors.

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That’s excellent! Did you use a special spray-paint for fabric or for holding up in the wash?




I used this stuff:
will have to see how it lasts once the kids have had them for a bit and done a few washes :slight_smile:


I don’t know which I like better, the project or the topic name.


Okay, this project is GREAT! Thanks so much for sharing!


I was thinking this was about some corporate leak or an online critic… Way better to be HP!


That’s fantastical! (Surprised the cardboard worked that well as masking material too, but totally tickled about it!) :relaxed:


I love this!! The design is so sleek and graphic, but you know instantly what it is. The small lines inside the snitch came out really well, too…thanks for sharing!


Nice! I’m always looking for new techniques for decorating t-shirts. I’m looking forward to hearing how they hold up after a few washes. Thanks for sharing!


Their friends are going to be jealous. And you might be busy become the wholesaler for daughter…


Chipboard? With those fine lines? I wouldn’t have thought that would work, unless you showed me the pictures of the shirts. I am inspired by this and in awe by the simplicity and how well they turned out. Well done. I bet your daughter is thrilled. :+1::+1: - Rich


Oooh, this gives me great ideas and has a lot of potential!


Very nice!


Really nice!


That’s frickin’ cool. Such a great technique around screen printing. Thanks for sharing!


I know, right?! I saw the topic name and thought “I need to go in there and respond ‘I know a few Spotters who would disagree!’”


I love it! I’ve got some stencil plans of my own.


Wow–that looks great! I’m bookmarking (AND SO WISHING I COULD MAKE MY OWN NOW)!


Very cool :sunglasses: