Your design does not have the Snapmarks necessary to use this feature?

I just got the beta testing for Snapmarks and when I try to engrave the pencils, I hit the button and keep getting a message saying there are no Snapmarks. What’s the deal with this? How do I correct whatever needs correcting? Thanks!

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Sorry to hear you’re having problems. Snapmark issues are not addressed in the P&S category, but in this link;

Introducing Snapmark (September 2018)

bring it to the attention of @bonny

(I actually had this same issue myself when I first got them. Try doing a search for ‘Snapmarks’ and see what you might find out)


Thanks for the answer, @Xabbess - that’s correct! I’m so sorry for the inconvenience, @austinsmi, but the Snapmark feature is still in beta, so the support team can’t help with troubleshooting yet. But you can receive support in the thread linked above.