"Your design has 1 warning" error message - prints fine after dismissing warning

I have run a few gears from linework generated by Gearotic. When I open the .svg in the glowforge app it says the design has 1 warning. Dismiss the message and everything works fine. I wonder what it is that glowforge thinks is wrong. It would be nice to know what the problem is so I can take steps to correct it.
Edit: The dialogue adds the following “unexpected error”


Post an SVG that is giving you the warning.

I am not at my work computer right now. Will do it tomorrow :slight_smile: I will have to figure out how to post the file.

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Can’t figure out how to post file. I have searched…

I have tried drag and drop, and also the upload dialogue - no luck:(

You might need to zip it. Click at the icon where there is an arrow up so you can upload the file as you would normally upload an image!

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Could you please send us the file you’re running into trouble with? We’ll be glad to take a closer look.

You can send it to support@glowforge.com if you are unable to post it on the forum. Thanks!

Thanks Stephen4 - I will do that

Edit - sent file

I see you have emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.