"Your design has 1 warning" error message - prints fine after dismissing warning


I have run a few gears from linework generated by Gearotic. When I open the .svg in the glowforge app it says the design has 1 warning. Dismiss the message and everything works fine. I wonder what it is that glowforge thinks is wrong. It would be nice to know what the problem is so I can take steps to correct it.
Edit: The dialogue adds the following “unexpected error”


Post an SVG that is giving you the warning.


I am not at my work computer right now. Will do it tomorrow :slight_smile: I will have to figure out how to post the file.


Can’t figure out how to post file. I have searched…


I have tried drag and drop, and also the upload dialogue - no luck:(


You might need to zip it. Click at the icon where there is an arrow up so you can upload the file as you would normally upload an image!


Could you please send us the file you’re running into trouble with? We’ll be glad to take a closer look.

You can send it to support@glowforge.com if you are unable to post it on the forum. Thanks!


Thanks Stephen4 - I will do that

Edit - sent file


I see you have emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.