YOUR need (Poll)

I just want to know where others are at on this…

Your most-needed feature that doesn’t exist (or needs work) today?

  • Folders in the app
  • Ability to scale within the GFUI unrestricted by aspect ratio
  • Ability to flip and cut (within the software)
  • Ability to specifically size and/or rotate objects numerically
  • Ability to position objects numerically
  • Ability to add vector files via “Add Artwork”
  • Correct lens distortion found the farther from center you go
  • Ability to engrave curved surfaces
  • Easier-to-read rulers within the GFUI
  • Ability to use the full .5" with tray
  • Ability to cut/engrave the full advertised dimensions
  • Ability to save a job (the settings and sizings you used, not just the images)
  • Ability to save non-Proofgrade settings

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If there’s some general thing I’ve missed, I’ll be glad to add it.

Thanks for playing!


Interesting poll–I’m very curious about what the actual Forge-havers say is most needed.


It’s hard picking just one. But I can live without any. They all have workarounds but some workarounds are more inconvenient or we’re doing that thing more often so it’s more of an issue. I really would like the ability to save job settings - would cut out my spreadsheet log.

I’d also really like folders in the GFUI. The rest is frosting.


My option isn’t in there

O I need my glowforge.



No kidding. I actually looked to see if there’s a way to allow multiple selections. It looks like there’s a “signup” module, that must not be installed, that allows a min/max number of answers.



Saved settings and folders. That would help in the organization and tracking of all these tests and projects.

Almost everything else I can work around in design software, which I prefer. Also, the ability to lock the size of an object.

Can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally scaled something while trying to grab and move it. Since there is no UNDO command, I have to reload the file and start over applying settings.


Ctrl+Z actually does work in the GFUI.


Haha after years of using “U” in CAD software, CTRL-Z (err… Command-Z on Mac) is still not burned into memory. LOL

My bad! :smiley:


Arggg, I hit the wrong button. Not that it matter, but my choice would be the ability to add vector artwork via the add button. It’s very cumbersome and extra steps for me not to have it. Lots of other choices very close though with “save settings” just as important. Also sizing w/in the GUI is a biggie, and…and…and…

I think if you hide the results you can change your answer.


Well I’ll be darn, you’re so right! Mamma never said I was smart :stuck_out_tongue:

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Heh. It’s not like that’s intuitive! I’m sure I must have read that somewhere some time.


kerf correction options but that is not a option


Just like me, give me 15 choices and I will want # 16.
Need to be able to lock size to as imported.


For me it’s about what option can give you something you can’t get from a workaround.

Numeric positioning/rotation/scaling is that.

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So many choices. All important and useful. I’m really OK with the current amount of distortion, but that might just be lazy.

Sorry. Apparently you can’t add things to a poll after x minutes. Who knew.

Same as above, except… Of everything listed this is your #1? Maybe I’m missing something. Can you tell me how this would help?

Maybe it’s just me but when I go to move small objects that are sized perfectly during design, I’ll grab it wrong and resize it.

Definitely not just you. :slight_smile: I’ve done it a bunch of times. But just like in image applications, when I do that I just hit Ctrl+Z and it’s back where it’s supposed to be. Not sure if you knew you could do that.


Oh I know this because I have to do it all the time! All I want is to be able to lock in the size before starting to move stuff around. Would save me lots of time and frustration.