Z Layered Model with Chicago Screws : Vial Holder

I’ve been building 3D parts by layering and binding together with chicago screws, like the previous post but for layers.

You could use this for a variety of precious objects. I’ve shown a pyramid outline, but you could do any shape you wanted, including straight walls. You might want to sand/polish straight walls for a better look.

I used my own M4 screws to compensate for the post length and the overall Z of the layers.

The vial holds a sample of nanoparticle black paint. Super black.

Vial Holder


Wow! What a great way to store a sample like that. It would work great for tiny mineral specimens or gold flakes as well. Being able to place captions along the sides is a big plus.

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Very neat! Yes, I love that you have text on the edges.

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