Zeiss Lens Wipes

I need to clean my Glowforge and just picked up some Ziess wipes from Walmart. I didn’t realize until I got home that they are AntiFog wipes. Does anyone know if these are ok to use as well?

From what I’m reading online, I think they would be fine. May be better, in fact.


Thanks! I didn’t see anything about it earlier!

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Anti-fog wipes add a coating to the glasses lens to reduce fogging. Any coating on your Glowforge’s lens, mirror and windows could be burnt on by the laser, damaging the optics. You do not want anything on your lens, that’s why you use alcohol wipes that remove dust/debris from the lens, then the alcohol evaporates away completely. I would not use anti-fog wipes to clean your Glowforge optics. Get the normal Zeiss wipes only.


Thank you! I was nervous to use them because I wasn’t sure what the “anti fog” would do. Appreciate your input!

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