Zelda's leather collar



I haven’t done much work with leather, but I was inspired (a while ago) by @jbmanning5 when he made the collar for Rio… I had gotten as far as ordering a buckle, some veg tanned belt leather, and a bare-bones leather working kit from amazon before getting distracted by other projects.

Last week at the dog park someone walked up and handed me Zelda’s old quick-release collar…again. She likes to roughhouse with an extremely frisky bully named Whiskey, who often manages to trigger the clasp as he chews on her scruff. (Thats right: too much Whisky =Zelda running around naked in the park :joy:)

Anyhow, it was time for a new collar. It is not as pretty and finished as Rio’s , but I’m pleased enough with the result for now, and I learned a bunch. v2 is in the works, but probably won’t happen for a while.

The leather is unfinished, the edges are not burnished, and the stitching (which took far, far longer than entire design-cut-engrave process) is inconsistent. It’s gonna get chewed on anyway, so… meh.

Zelda was being her usual uncooperative self when I tried to get pictures, and of course her fur covers the entire collar in most positions.

She rolls over every time I try to adjust the collar for a photo.

Bonus gratuitous pet pic: Princesses Jazmine & Zelda.
(collar not even remotely visible on the fluffy fur-monster)


This… one of those things you get about halfway into and think to yourself, “WHAT was I thinking - the stitching isn’t even functional!”

I like the ruff look too! I cheated by going with latigo leather (already dyed). The pictures made mine look better than it is :slight_smile:

I’ll have to figure out V2 soon also. He’s on the last buckle hole for this one.


It looks great! (And you can’t go wrong with furbaby pics.) :smile:



Zelda needs a fairly large collar, and I wasn’t going to be able to fit the whole thing in the bed of the glowforge at once. I thought about using the passthrough, but instead I made the buckle loop/tail retainer a separate piece that attaches to the body of the belt with chicago screws.
The idea was to be able to just replace that end section if I needed to adjust the fit farther than the punched holes allowed. The idea worked… kinda. I replaced the original loop with a slightly longer one, and I over-torqued the screws. Now I can’t get them back apart. Good thing the second version fit!


So cute!


Great job on the collar! Don’t worry about the collar getting covered up—she’s so gorgeous I tend to just look at her anyway. Nice cat too!


Nice job on the collar! Beautiful animals!


Good job man! I still haven’t tried leather…


stitching frustrations aside, leather is really rewarding to work with!




OMG - she is so cute!!!


I’ve got a stack of leather materials that I’ve purchased; inspired by all of the posts here. But, I still haven’t done anything with it. I’m so far behind on projects that I’d like to complete that I don’t know which ones to prioritize anymore.


The dog is gorgeous.

Cats are evil.