1/2 " acrylic question

Quick question, anyone try cutting 1/2 inch cast acrylic all the way through? I have just a little bit of it and I need most of it for my project, so I don’t have a lot of room for many test cuts. Was wondering if someone even knew what settings to start with? I just need to cut out basic squares and straight lines for the most part.


I have problems imagining a clean cut on something that thick, especially without 2 sided cutting, but I’m curious to see what others answer.

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Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking too…

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I am sure somebody has reported being able to cut thick acrylic but I can’t remember who. Perhaps @rpegg with his pro tube.





@Hirudin and I cut some 0.7" with some success. We just made it through at 100% and the slowest speed it would accept (don’t recall what that value is). Our issue was not the ability to cut that thickness, but it’s tendency to shift around with heat expansion and tack its self back together. Some force applied managed to free it. I think a good process can be developed for 1/2" with enough experimenting.


Here is the @Hirudin report on the thick acrylic.


Wow, those edges look great! I’ll start at 100% power this low as I will go and see if that works. I’ll only get one little test at this so having a place to start helps.

I’m trying to make an approximately 3 X 3" by 1" tall base with a slots cut out for .25 acrylic inserts. I figure I’ll just sandwich shorter .25 acrylic between the. .5" acrylic and glue it all together. I would love to have a solid base and cut .5 slot in it with the laser, but I’m not sure how feasable that is.


Do you think a fan blowing on the material as it cuts (like for a 3d-printer) would cool it off enough to prevent the softening?

I’ve done .43 with two passes. Settings are obsolete now but it works.


Just a note that estreetplastics.com has 6"x12" 1/2" thick clear cast acrylic for $6.59ea and no minimum quantity on that particular item, in case you want/need to get more.

Their pricing is ridiculous cheap compared to other places. I went to their site yesterday just to get acrylic solvent and ended up buying sample chips of almost everything they offer LOL plus assorted diameters of solid acrylic rods.


It’s a really bad habit, isn’t it?! Was on… ummm… oh right… Johnson Plastics the other day to get some more anodized aluminum tags. My Wife stopped me from ordering half a dozen other things. She smartly said “Why don’t we get this ONE new material for now… in just one color… and see how it works. Then we can get something else new to play with next week. Deal?” I hung my head and said “Yes, Dear.” And today? My roll of gold laser foil arrived. Won’t be able to play with it until the weekend though. But I’m excited!



I had some 1/2" and 1" thick acrylic sheets in my cart then decided to hold off for a bit. Not that they’re too expensive but I’ve got to maintain some self control at least until I land more work and am not depleting savings. :slight_smile:


Heh… I’ve got 16 sheets of material in my Glowforge cart for like 2 weeks now. I think I should seriously set a month materials budget. If not, it’s far too tempting!!!


A budget does help. When I started card making … ink pads, applicators, card bases, Copics, Tombows, Zigs, watercolor sets, Nuvo drops, papers, stamps, glues, adhesive runners, embossing powders, etc., etc. I track all my expenses … when I looked at a total for a year … well, let’s just say it took my breath away!

Now I’m on a firm monthly budget for art supplies. I’ve been successful for the last 5 months. (Although, spending $70 on postage stamps last week, wasn’t in the budget). :slight_smile:


This is who I usually buy from if my local guy is low on scrap.
Unfortunately their shipping is high on small quanties so I usually wait until I need to order alot.