1/2 dry erase 1/2 chalkboard setting

I really need help with the settings for half dry erase and half chalkboard. What are they?

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I haven’t used that, but here’s a great method for determining the best settings for any material:


If you use the search feature, you’ll find settings have been shared here.

There are multiple types/brands of board matching that description, so you’ll want to use those settings as starting points to determine what works for the material you have.

It’s often quicker to just create some simple test shapes and print with a range of settings, similar to the link shared above.

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Thanks I have tried the search and can’t seem to find the settings. I find people who talk about if it can be cut, but not what settings to use. Is there a key word that you know might help?

Try this…

I have a Pro so the settings for the 40W machines will need to be slowed down. I use 140 speed and full power for my Pro. You will get quite a bit of soot at the edges of the material but it doesn’t really char. Wipes off fairly well. Home Depot and Lowes used to sell separate blackboard or dry erase materials. I used 145/full for those.

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Some members have reported having a different barcode on “the same” product from THD and have not been able to cut reliably. That’s why you can’t blindly use others’ settings.

Yes, and have seen two different thicknesses of the material. The stuff I have in stock is 0.19" thick.