Using Home Depot White/Black Board

Quite often I see people ask about the White/Black boards from Home Depot or Lowes. I made a quick video going over using the boards from Home Depot with the settings that work well for me if you are curious.


Thanks for the info!!

Probably the material I use the most.

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you guys are lucky. that hasn’t been in stock in ages around here.

Now I’m wondering if I should buy the rest of the sheets at the HD near me that has it. Although I think it looks like they are still stocking it based on inventory numbers.

Not all HD around me carry it though, only some seem to be.

Ironically, I just looked and my local HD’s do have it. haven’t seen it in a long time, and NOW it is back.

go figure.

I have never seen it - I even looked for it last week while buying 2x4’ MDF and hardboard panels - but they show it in-stock in that same aisle/bay, so I’m not sure where they hide it.

LOL, I feel your pain.

they say “well it shows 47 in stock…”

and you’re like mmmmKay. just where are you hiding 47 FREEZERS pal!!!

If I get a chance to stop by there tonight, I will let you know if/where I find it.

I buy mine at Lowe’s. The stuff I bought from HD didn’t have as smooth a finish.

I was able to get some at HD tonight on my way home from work.

Boy I am having the worst luck cutting this stuff.

had been going from the white side. Now after cleanign the optics I am cutting with black on top.

What’s the issue?

I picked some up at a different “than usual” THD late last week, and have cut a few things without issue…

it wasn’t cutting with the test cut settings I had used successfully. However. cutting black side up seems to have rehabilitated the situation to a functional outcome :slight_smile:

The video stated he cut at 135 full power on a plus. I did125 after 135 didn’t work. successful on first part, then the next parts NOPE. so backed down to 120 black side up and presto. works.

135 works on my Pro with white side up. Is yours a 40W or 45W plus?

it is a Pro. that’s what is baffling to me…

Ah… he has a plus.

Could be a different material. I’ll see if I have a barcode…

edit - why, yes I do (part of):

i will look at the barcode when I get back home

That’s the same barcode I have on the ones from my video.

I have a 40W Plus for reference.

I do not find any difference with what side I cut up with, although I generally mask, so maybe I the glossy nature of the white side could cause an issue if not masked.

I did find that before I cleaned my mirror and lenses, I did have to slow stuff down to about 118 to get it to cut, but after cleaning everything it cut well at 135.

Hope that helps.

Well you guys are much spiffier than I it seems. my UPC code is different.

It seems to be a good explanation for my inability to cut this @#$#$$&#%&# stuff consistently.

i have been masking the “upside” no matter if it was the white side or black side.

I will reclean perhaps it just gets that little bit dirty and that’s enough to cause a problem. this particular project, the cutting is all done. we (daughter and I) embedded the engraved leaf in resin last night.

Still takes me three passes to cut the stuff.