1/4" Acrylic cut one pass?

Hi guys,

has anyone tried to cut 1/4" acrylic and what are the speeds and how can you achieve a single pass cut?

wondering if the pro is better for the 1/4" cut for single pass if it can do it ?


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Yes, both the basic and pro can cut 1/4" acrylic in a single pass. The Pro is about 15% faster.


Hi @dan, do you have rough estimate on speeds mm/s?

I am thinking of upgrading to the pro without the filter for my company to use for production of acrylic cuts.

I’m afraid I don’t.

Hi @jensenvphilip I´m not sure but I think that the combination pro without filter is not available.

shows up in possible upgrades on my screen…?

others not sure why its there

sorry, but it is. in the beginning it wasn’t (and even when it was for a bit the upgrade forced one on you) but they changed that a long time ago.

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cool so you can buy a pro without the filter

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@jensenvphilip @jrnelson wow thanks for the information, I did not know until now! and sorry for the confusion :rolling_eyes:
I’m trying to see the upgrade without filter but I can`t see it. Could you please tell me what is the way to see it, I want to see the price difference.

Thanks :wink:

ah @and_ark_studio you get the upgrade with air filter for the same price i get it without. probably a special price for those who pre-ordered at a certain point.

I would get it if I were you :slight_smile:

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it’s entirely possible that because of when you ordered, something weird is happening on your account. if you want to upgrade to a pro without a filter and it’s not showing up on your page, just email support@glowforge.com (@dan @rita) and they’ll take care of you (for what it’s worth i’ve got a pro, no filter, on order).


@jensenvphilip @jrnelson I appreciate so much your reply, thanks! I will email to the support to know what happens.

you’re welcome! just trying to help you get exactly what you want, haha!

no problem!

The order page is kind of weird. The Pro is not listed without the filter unless you are upgrading from an already ordered Basic unit. I ordered the Basic and then a few weeks after that I upgraded to a Pro without the Filter. The Pro without filter showed up as an upgrade but not before. Either way, contacting Support is probably the best way to get what you want.


The speed supplied to us PRU folks was:
All colors (thick 1/4") 1/4" Cut 100% 14


Those work - I did a bunch of acrylic testing and then coasters using that.


Is that 14 mm/s single pass?

I thought I heard they defaulted to double pass to get cleaner edges.

The :proofgrade: setting defaults to a double pass but they gave us updated numbers and 100/14 works great with a single pass.


Is it 14mm/s or 14" / min?