1/8 Columbia Forest maple plywood from Home depot much thicker than proofgrade

Anyone who has worked with this plywood would be willing to share settings for cutting this plywood? It is ticker than the proofgrade we buy from GF (not sure why). I purchased it to try it instead of the baltic birch that has the MDF core. This one is pure bond without MDF. Please share any advise. TY


I searched for “columbia”

BTW, it comes in both 1/8" and 1/4" - you sure you’re using the right PG setting?

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I know this can’t be 1/4 as I also have that one too. this is probably 4 mm thicker than the 1/8. I am using the GF plus. Can I used the same settings you just share? Sorry, learning as I go.

Because it’s not Proofgrade / a Glowforge material. It’s an independent company marketing a product towards Glowforge owners.

Baltic Birch doesn’t have an MDF core - ever. It’s multiple layers of veneer (3 for 3mm, 5 layers for 6mm).

So what’s the actual thickness? Four mm thicker than the 1/8” would be like .275” thick.


I wish I checked my invoice before posting this thread. My order was intended for 1/8, but after checking, I realized I have 1/4. I have to place another order for the 1/8. Sigh! I am sorry for the confusion, but I am at square one now. what is the right setting for cutting 1/4 maple plywood from home depot? Someone gave me the info about baltic birch having an mdf core that is why I went this route. Thanks for clarifying.

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the columbia forest stuff isn’t 1/8, it’s 3/16. it’s going to take a little more power to cut thru.


The only setting that is different between machines is Full power. So if you see power 1 - 100, it is the same for all machines. If you see Full power, than that is different between the basic and the pro. For the plus, it depends on when you bought it as originally the plus had a 45W tube (same as the pro), but late last year they announced the plus would be getting the 40W tube (same as the basic.) All the other settings should be the same across all three models.


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