123d make alternative

I just noticed 123d make is not working anymore. I cannot import a .stl file. The forums lead me to a notice that Autodesk has discontinued and are rolling these features into other apps such as Tinkercad and Fusion 360. Does anyone know which app will do the samething as slicing a 3d model into slices that one can print on cardboard(glowforge) and put together? Any substitute apps? Thanks for any advice!


There’s actually an add on to fusion 360 now that replaces 123D make. I can’t find the link to the thread someone started about this as I’m short on time but try a quick forum search and it should pop up


Thanks! I will look for it.

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I think you’re now looking for Slicer for Fusion 360. It runs stand-alone, but also from within Fusion 360, though I don’t think Fusion is a pre-req.



Yup, Slicer is 123 make’s replacement and It works GREAT. I’ve been doing tutorials on F360 so I’ll have to do one on Slicer as well.


There’s a nice thread at Slicer for Fusion 360 that discusses it as well as walks through stand alone installations.


I can confirm, if you do NOT have Fusion 360, Slicer for Fusion still functions excellently as a standalone app and will import STL files without any problems. It works just like 123 Make did, maybe a little bit better!


Thanks for flagging this!
I missed the post about it when it was first mentioned by Autodesk. As well as by the community: Autodesk killing 123D line of apps

Just downloaded:
Seems to be working just as good as 123D make.

Love the idea of making large 3D cardboard masks with the laser cutter.


I just loaded the Fusion 360 demo for Mac and then loaded the slicer from 360. Its the same as 123D make It is also stand alone once you have it.

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Here is the key information you need to plan for the 123Dapp.com closure:
123Dapp.com will be closing by March 31st. The 123Dapp.com community and associated 123D apps (Catch, Make and Design) have been removed from the various app stores and are no longer available for download. If you currently have any of the apps on your device you can continue to use them but they will no longer be supported by Autodesk.
Please download and save any content or models you have created or saved at 123Dapp.com. It is important that you do this by March 31st. Review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to answer any questions you have about this transition.
We are here if you have any questions, so please visit our support forums if you need answers.
We hope you continue to create with Fusion 360 or Tinkercad!

The Autodesk 123D Team