Got THE email for my PRO order!

Couldn’t be happier for you! I hope this is the start of a landslide, at the very least all the 13th crowd.


Awesome! :grinning::fireworks::tada::dizzy::confetti_ball:


Woohoo! Congrats!


SAME HERE!!! GLOWFORGE COMING TOMORROW!!! :grin::japanese_ogre::grin::japanese_ogre:

So cool to get that email :slightly_smiling_face:

Got THE email for my PRO order!

Double Awesome! :grinning::fireworks::tada::dizzy::confetti_ball:


You lucky dogs!! No email yet, but UPS is reporting a Monday delivery for me! YEAH!!

Got THE email for my PRO order!

Triple Awesome! :grinning::fireworks::tada::dizzy::confetti_ball:


YIPPEEEEE!!! :squeeee::squeee::squee:


Hey wait, we got our emails on the 13th, and shipping notification the following 13th…

Does that make us the 26th club? or the 13^2 Club?


Totally like the 13^2 Club. We’ll start a trend :stuck_out_tongue:


Had month and months to prepare and plan and now…

what to laser first?!?!


Woohoo! Glad to see things moving again, and especially happy for everyone in the 13th club. That wait had to be doubly stressful, so it’s nice to know you’ll be rewarded soon :slight_smile:


I know! I have all kinds of stuff I want to try but now my sister’s birthday (43 years old) is a week after GF delivery and I’m thinking some dachshund cookie cutters or something need to be up first.

Of course, No I don’t have any acrylic weld/adhesive and no local suppliers for it. LOL. Got plenty of MEK though… that might work.


Glad to see the club growing. I’m still hoping that they will finish all the day one basics in July but I’m not holding my breath.


Oh cap, acrylic glue is one thing I don’t have…Off to research now…


My local (not big box) hardware store carries weld-on acrylic cement.
It’s worth a shot.



Many congrats!


One of my first project will be acrylic on wood so I got some of this

This for acrylic on acrylic


So excited for all of you!! :squee: