2017: Happy New Year to All!


I guess the Australians are already Celebrating.

<a class=“attachment” href#="/uploads/glowforge/original/2X/c/c0603afc98e1a4bd5ad804bfd64e848ba6c1e4af.svg">2017Glasses.svg

I’d print these and do an animated GIF of the print, but there are some issues with the software today. There is a problem with reacquiring a fresh image of the bed after placing in new material. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I shut off, wait a bit and then maybe after a 1/2 hour or so it refreshes. Emailed support. Stay tuned for updates.


Coolest! :sunglasses:


Happy New Year to you as well. Bummer about the software issues, we may have to come up with new terms to describe the state of the cloud connection.


Those are cool glasses. One of the things I wanted to do eventually is take some of the glasses that I have from Lowes that have a film that creates a kaleidoscope effect and make them stronger. My kids tend to break them.


@marmak3261 it could be fun to put that type of film in for the lenses.

Have a wonderful New Year!


Happy New Year, everybody! Hopefully 2017 will be better than 2016!


May we be just that much closer to lasering together. Happy new year all!


Hopefully we all get our lasers and that will automatically make 2017 the best year.


I’m just gonna recycle this through the wayback machine.


May your year be coherent!


Might need to wait until at least tomorrow afternoon for that. But yeah.


May your New Year’s Resolution be to…


OoL… :heart_eyes:


I always end up giving up my New Years Resolutions for Lent…:neutral_face:


I am making a resolution to be more active on the forums. Happy New Year everyone. :relaxed:


Goodbye old year, welcome the new year!

Enjoy and be safe everyone.


Happy New Year from Sydney. Let’s hope 2017 is a forging year.


Happy new years!!!


It was all maybe just a movie we were all living in?!

Meh my 2016 was fine. Like all years, up and downs. But as every January first, the hang over tends to be the worst part and all gets better from there!


Fun idea!


Wow… It looks as bad as any other horror flick lol