2019 Calendar Cards


Here are some calendar files for 2019. You can print/cut them on paper or acrylic or wood. There is an optional hole to hang them on a peg. Engrave or cut, or one of each, your choice. Like to see what you make.



Oooh! Really like that design! :sunglasses::+1:


Hey, thanks for this!


What a nice way to start 2019. Thank you!


Those are really cool. Trying to think of some clever way to illuminate the current day…



That is very cool. I almost went for one.


How about a magnet? Tally mark? Or a hole punch?


Here is a photo of one on paper.


Just made 4 sets of these today for my daughter’s preschool teachers. THANK YOU! They absolutely loved them!


Paper, wood, or acrylic? Cut or engraved?


Thank you!


I did some 1/4" ply (non-PG, but may as well be) and some PG basswood. They looked nice. Pic eventually to be posted… (I hate doing forum posts on my phone, which is where the pic is… and I’m too old to have it all set up where it transfer chit automatically. Stay off my lawn.) :smiley:


Thank you for the files.


I’d love to see what you did… when you get there.


Nothing fancy at all. This is the basswood. Kinda plain. Liked the wood grain of the PG maple better. But those were boxed already. Teachers loved them!



Better than I imagined. I only cut 3 out of paper. :flushed:
I bet there are hundred of variations you could make.


How do I go about getting this on svg file? I right click and it only gives me option to copy or bitmap.


No “Save As”? Which browser?


Microsoft Edge not sure if you are asking which browser I have the forum open. So what do I need to do. Sorry I’m new to all this.