2019 UPDATE : Can find nothing that explains the changes made on the official thread!

God I hate surprises, and today I got one,

Seems my entire glow-forge cutting screen has changed:

I hate hate hate the fact that I have no control to stop the updates !
Especially since I have no for warnings.

UGH< Does anyone have a working thread for the changes that have taken place, I see that I lost my cutting screen showing me where the cut was going, thank fully I have my own camera i rely on.

Problem Sovled: I have to log out of my Account and log back in to see the Side Bar with the Update and changes as I have not see that in a long time.

The preview wasn’t any more accurate than the on-screen display.

The updates are always right there on the home screen of app.glowforge.com - right hand side.


What @jbmanning5 said. :slight_smile:


It always helps to insult 85% of those who might be able to help you.


I use all 3 of my Glowforge units professionally. Ever since I read the update (conveniently located on the right of the UI on startup) I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day when all mine will update and get rid of that annoying preview screen.


It was posted in Problems & Support, rather than in Announcements.

I use the machine professional. ly.


I am sorry to anyone that got upset about my post. I have changed it and I am sorry about that.

Thank you ! How do I get that sidebar to show up my UI I do not have that and I think that is where my frustration lies .

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@jbv posted the thread where the link to the update was posted

As for on the app screen, it’s on the homepage of the app.

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OMG: I have to learn how to sign out of my account or I am never going to see these updates and now I have that sidebar back.

Sorry for my Outbursts as I have been living without the side bar for a very long time. Ouch.


There’s a little exclamation mark icon that lets you turn the sidebar on and off.

I think it’s actually an “i” (for “information”) not an exclamation mark “!”.

Just so no one gets confused.

Obviously somebody (me) is already confused! :wink:

I knew it was an “i” – I can only conclude that I must have been under-caffeinated.

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just turn the monitor upside down and the i will look a lot more like an !

for the record :slight_smile:
and yes I am glad i am far enough away you can’t throw something at me :slight_smile:


I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at support@glowforge.com. We’re here to help!