$27,907,995 SOLD IN 30 DAYS is misleading

I find the banner stating that $27,907,995 sold in 30 days + THE BIGGEST 30-DAY CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN IN HISTORY to be both misleading and false advertising.
As it looks to me, $27,907,995 was collected from potential customers but since many people have cancelled, this statement is incorrect as presumably a huge amount of people have cancelled their orders as a result of the two years wait. A cancelled order is NOT a sale.
I suggest the ticker should go down the same way it went up. every cancellation should be reflected in this banner, or just do away with this misleading statement completely.

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Thanks for your suggestion about how to improve the site!


I don’t think it’s misleading at all. At the end of 30 days, that’s where they stood. Yes, there have been cancellations, but there have also been new pre-orders. I would bet that the later outnumber the former.

The number is demonstrating demand for the product. There undeniably was that demand. There have been delivery issues and I am sure the details of these issues are available to their investors. It’s those guys that are owed the full details, not the public.


You are correct. I was one of the many who ordered after the first 30 days. And despite the delays, I did not cancel. As a matter of fact, in the past week, I upgraded.


With all due respect, this is like saying that the newspapers lied when they said Babe Ruth is all-time home run hitter and those headlines should be redacted. The :glowforge: banner is correct but perhaps in time will need an *.


The statement isn’t misleading though. That is the amount sold in 30 days. Just because someone canceled it doesn’t reduce the amount sold in those 30 days (unless they canceled in those same 30 days), it reduces the amount sold now, but if we’re going by those numbers we should also include all sales up to the current date.

Also, if they did that I’d be willing to bet the numbers would be even bigger. I expect the number of sales from the end of those first 30 days until now outnumber the number of canceled orders.

On that note, if it were a ticker that showed all sales from the launch of the crowdfunding until today, then yes, it should go down whenever an order is canceled as well as going up whenever a new order comes through.


You are very correct.


Wow, just unbelievable. Ya know it’s OK to complain about the same thing as everybody else. Don’t have to work so hard to find something unique. Frustration is not a competitive sport.


Of COURSE it is. If you buy something, then return it, that doesn’t mean you never bought it You DID buy it. To say it was sold is 100% true.

You seem to have dug awfully hard to find something to gripe about, and that’s fine, but you’ve missed the mark on this one. As amazing as the machine is, and it really is amazing, there are certainly legitimate things to complain about. Allow me to suggest today’s topic of dismay be brought back to… let’s see… what do I want the most… Oh! How about “Hey! What ever happened to precision double-sided cutting via head camera that was promised?”


Why is it always referred to as the 30 campaign when the spreadsheet counts 33 days? Was it 24th Sept to 26th October inclusive? Was the $27.9M figure for just the first 30 days of that or the total?

After the 30 day pre-order ended, they didn’t change the ticker right away. They had another $1,000,000 in sales a few days after, before they changed it.


You DO realize there haven’t been an actual HUGE number of cancellations right?

People understand the value of the pre-order. They’ve waited this long, they are waiting still.
To suggest otherwise is just a bunch of FAKE NEWS.


How many? I haven’t seen anything that showed that number. I did see a post by Dan where he said that post-campaign sales far outweigh the cancellations though.


I think it’s just the frustration that leads people to find fault like there is a reward for it.
For (almost) everyone who has one in their hands, the tune changes.

I don’t know what the real number is, but from reading other forums and gathering the anecdotal data, I have seen less than 100 (not including the countries that cannot be shipped to).

Normally, you will see people boosting that they cancelled (and wave it like a flag on the FB forums).


Okay. I thought maybe I missed a post with real data. Just speculation and hyperbole then I guess.


My wife told me tomatoes are actually fruits. Weird stuff.


Suspect that there have been a lot more cancellations than are publicly admitted. On any particular day immediately after an announcement the numbers are probably small. Technically the small numbers quoted may be accurate if you look at time in discrete increments. It’s not a run on the bank in any stretch of the imagination and additional sales have probably made up for any cancellations. But lost referrals show there have been a lot of early cancellations.

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Did forget about the lost referrals numbers.

Now the question on post pre-order campaign numbers is how many of the cancellations came from those numbers and how many post pre-order campaign orders off set cancellations in the 30 Days.

I stand corrected. Clearly my view on this is easily dismissed. And yes I am frustrated, actually even quite angry at the amount of B.S and shiftiness I have suffered through from Glowforge but not necessarily looking to dig up something unique to complain about but when I last saw this during my check to see if I had lost any more referrals or if by any miracle the estimated March 2’nd shipping date for my day 3 pro order had changed this jumped out at me as yet another thing that didn’t sit right with me regarding overall honesty and transparency, especially considering that I have lost 4 out 11 referrals which were all gained during the 30 day campaign, which strongly suggests that a huge number of orders from those 30 days were cancelled.
Anyways, I see that I was incorrect in my rationalizing of this. Now back to feeling generally strung along, dishonestly dealt with and very disappointed in the latest 5-6 month delay as people who ordered a week after me receive their pro orders.

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